Privacy Policy

YADSE.COM (hereinafter the Service) respects the privacy of the users. This document states how we protect and use data provided by users of this service.

What information are collected?

In order to work properly, the Service needs to store and maintain some information, provided by the user. Such information, hereinafter referred to as user personal data, includes, but is not limited to:

  • email address,
  • photos,
  • preferences and interests.

The Service will retain user personal data for as long as it is needed to provide a proper service to the user. User retains all rights to this data.

What do we do with gathered data?

The Service will never sell, rent or otherwise make public any personal information, obtained from the user. Main purpose of collecting these data is better understanding of users' needs and providing them with high quality service. In particular, we collect information in order to:

  • improve our services,
  • from time to time we may send you an email with information that, in our opinion, may be interesting to you using email address we have been provided.

Information gathered from system logs or statistical systems are collected only in order to solve potential technical problems, optimize system performance and provide user a better service.

Delete data after closing account upon user's request

Account can be deleted under "Account/Delete account" section. All data will be permanently deleted right after you confirm that you want to do that. The process of removing an account is irreversible and there is no option to restore your account any time later.


We can assure you that the data provided us are safe and protected in compliance with all generally accepted standards. To protect your data there have been put in place suitable electronic mechanisms and organizational procedures.


A cookie is a means of recording information about user sessions in order to recover their state. It consists of a small amount of data that is generated by the Service, transferred to the user's browser and stored on the user's computer or handheld device. The Service uses persistent and session cookies to remember your sign-in for you. Use of cookies is required for proper functioning of site.

The Service uses persistent cookies for Google Analytics to understand how the site is being used in order to improve the quality and user experience. User data is all anonymous.


The Service reserves the right to periodically revise and update this Privacy Policy, retaining its main principle about non-distribution of user private data. All users will be notified about any such changes, by sending a notice to a registered email address, or by placing a prominent notice on the main page of the service.


All questions regarding this Policy should be send using the contact form. Before posting a question, please check our Help section.

Document is valid from 1st January 2012.