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General questions

What is YADSE?

YADSE stands for Yet Another Dating SitE. It is a free, modern dating website where you can post and browse offline date proposals from people around your location, or just browse people's profiles and contact those you find interesting to you.

Why another dating site, how does it differ from others?

Please see the Top Reasons to Join YADSE.

How much does it cost? Is it really free?

No hidden charges. YADSE is and always will be 100% free regarding such basic operations as:

  • searching profiles,
  • viewing profiles and photos,
  • browsing and posting offline date proposals,
  • message reading, sending, and replying.

Be aware that If you use the service on mobile devices, your operator may charge you for that in accordance with its pricelist.

Is online dating safe?

Yes, it is safe as long as you adhere to some basic principles.

  • You do not publish your full name, address, telephone number or any other personal information online. First name or pseudonym is enough.
  • You do not place any information regarding your financial status. It can attract people interested in your money, not you – deceivers or common thieves.
  • Always remember that people are not always honest and tell the truth. Be careful!
  • If you plan to meet someone in real life, remember to tell people you trust who you meet and where you are seeing each other. At first, meet in a public place.
Where can I find Terms of Service or Privacy Policy?

You can find them under below links: Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

What languages do you currently support?

Currently we provide the following website interface languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, and Ukrainian. Nevertheless, anyone can join and use the website even if we don't yet support your preferred language.

How can I contact you?

Please use our contact form.

Registration / signing in / accounts

What is the minimum age for registering on YADSE?

You must be at least 18 years old to register on our website.

How can I register on your site?

In order to sign into our service you can use one of the following options:

  • Go to the Sign up page and enter all required data such as gender, date of birth, preferences, email address and your new password. After that you will receive a message with an activation link. Clicking on it completes the registration process. The provided email address automatically becomes your login.
  • Use one of the available external services. At the moment we support Facebook, Twitter and OpenID. You can find out more about them here.
Do I need a new username and password to create an account at YADSE?

There are two options: you can register a new account with traditional username/password or use an external service like Facebook, Twitter or OpenID to register and sign in.

When choosing the former, it is required to enter valid email address on which we will send you a message with registration status confirmation. The specified email address automatically becomes your login.

When choosing the latter, you can register and sign in using your Facebook, Twitter or OpenID account. This means that you don't have to remember any new username/password scheme.

I got a message that my email address is already registered on the site.

This means that you have already created an account associated with that email address. Only one account can be generated per one email address. If you don't remember your account password, click Forgot password. If you think this is a website error, please contact us using the contact form.

Does YADSE support Facebook, Twitter or OpenID single-sign-on?

All of them are supported. By using one of these you do not have to create an account by providing your email address and password. The process of creating an account is reduced to just a one single click. All required data will be transferred to our site.

In case of Facebook-supported access we will gather your:

  • Facebook user identifier (we will never display it to anyone),
  • profile photo,
  • email address (we will never display it to anyone),
  • name (your surename will not be transferred),
  • date of birth (we will only display your age).

In case of Twitter-supported access we will gather your:

  • Twitter user identifier.

In case of OpenID-supported access:

  • OpenID URL.

If you register using Twitter or OpenID you will have to specify the following:

  • gender,
  • date of birth,
  • orientation,
  • email address,
  • your new password.

If you decide to use any of the above options, to sign in to your account you will only need to click one button instead of providing email address and password.

I forgot my password. What should I do?

Please fill in Password reset form. After that you will receive a message to the email address registered in our system. The message will contain a link to a password change form. Remember that you can always change your password on "Account/Change password" section.

How can I change my email address registered on your site?

You can change the email address under "Account/Email change" section. After that you will receive an email to the new, just typed address. The message will contain a link by clicking on which you can confirm the change of the address. Otherwise, the email will not be changed.

How can I delete my account?

Account can be deleted under "Account/Delete account" section. You won't appear in search results. No one will be able to browse your data. All data will be permanently deleted right after you confirm that you want to do that. The process of removing an account is irreversible so think twice before removing it. There is no option to restore your account any time later.

User profiles

Can I hide a user that for some reason I don't want to see/contact?

You can hide a user by clicking on "Block user" icon in his profile. The hidden users will not be visible in search results, neither will you receive any messages from them. A list of hidden users is available in the section "Account/Blocked users". Using that list you can also unblock a user or users by clicking on "remove" under their pictures.

What should I do if someone behaves inappropriately?

Report this behavior to us by clicking the "Report abuse" icon. You will be asked to fill out a short form. Please choose the type of abuse and provide a short description of it. By doing so you will not only avoid further unpleasant experience, but also prevent it from occurring to others.

What does "Add to favorites" do?

"Favorites" is a list of profiles that you want to have quick and easy access to, without having to use the search engine. You can add to it any person you want. In addition, if both of you have each other in your favorites, you will be notified about this fact by a message (It must have been fate that you both have added each other to your lists!).

You can have as many favorites as you want – there are no quantitative restrictions.

What does "Send a smile" do?

The smile's recipient will simply get a message that reads: "I'm sending you a smile". It will not be visible in your inbox until the recipient will respond to it.

What is "saved search"?

If you often search for people using the same search criteria, you should consider taking advantage of saving them. By doing this you will not need to define a new search criteria every time you want perform a search. Instead of this you will simply pick the one you previously saved.

Saved searches will be visible in section Profiles, on the left side of page, under the names given by you.

How to save a search criteria?

Find any profiles using a search mechanism. Then tick a checkbox "Save search criteria", give it a descriptive name, and click "Save it". All your saved searches will be visible on the left side, section Profiles, under the link "Search".

How to modify saved search?

Select a search you want to modify from the list on the left side, in Profiles section. Then, on the page with search results, click "modify" link next to the search name. After that proceed similarly as in the case of adding a saved search.

How to delete saved search?

Select a search that you want to delete from the list on the left side, in Profiles section. Then, on the page with search results, click "delete" link next to the search name.

What does it mean that the profile is public or non-public?

If your profile is non-public, then it is only visible (your profile details and photos) by YADSE signed-in users. If you set your profile as public, information about you and your photos will also be visible to non-signed-in users that you shared the link with. You can share it with anyone (via email, forum, Facebook, or anywhere on the web). Offline Dates published by you will not be presented to them. Additionally, if you are a YADSE Spotted user, the previously mentioned information will be visible to other Internet users by clicking on your profile photo, displayed next to message you published.

Offline Dates

What is an offline date?

Offline Dates is the place where you can browse dates proposals from the real world and share your own dates ideas. Invite someone to the cinema, cafe, to a concert, or just let someone else invite you for a date you find interesting.

You can propose a date privately to a particular person or come up with it to all users. In the first case, a date will be seen exclusively by its recipient. In the latter case, the date will be visible to your local users on the page with latest dates.

How to find an offline date?

It's very easy. You can view a list of recent dates in your nearest location at page with latest dates. Dates may also be seen in one of the profile tabs, both your and the person you are attracted to.

How to propose an offline date?

Just go to the "Post a date" page, select date category and describe your proposal in a few sentences. Additionally, you can specify date location and the time, but it is not required.

Offline date can be edited as long as no one clicked "Sounds great!". After that, editing the details of date is no longer possible.

What happens when I click "Sounds great!"?

In the case of public date, its owner will see your profile in the list of candidates for a date (section on date details page). In the case of private date, date owner will also get the inner message informing about this fact.

What is the difference between public and private offline date?

They differ in visibility. Private date may be seen by its recipient exclusively, while the public one is visible to all users on the page on the latest dates proposals page.


What is the stream?

Stream is an aggregator of your activity on the site. It stores both:

  • system events – information about what you have changed on your profile or about uploaded new photo,
  • private statuses – any text that you write by yourself (for example about what is happening close to you, what you find interesting or important)

Entries will not be available indefinitely. We will automatically delete the oldest entries when their number exceeds 10. You can also delete any of your entry if you wish to.

How to add entry to stream?

To add an entry to the stream simply click on the link "Add Status". Link is available on every page, in its upper part.

How to delete entry from stream?

First, please go to your profile page. Then click on the tab titled "Stream". You can delete any event by clicking the "delete" icon.


Will my messages be deleted?

We will not remove your messages. The only exception are the messages that have been trashed and haven't been restored or removed for one month.

How many members can I send massage per day?

You can send one "smile" to one person per day. There are no restrictions on sending traditional messages. You can send as many messages to as many people you want.


What is YADSE Spotted?

YADSE Spotted is a free website that helps you find and get in touch with someone you accidentally met (e.g. on the street, on the bus, or at any other place), from whom you did not get a number, or any other contact details. It's a website for a romantic missed connections! The site is a part of dating site, however having YADSE account isn't necessary for posting or commenting missed connection messages.

How does the Spotted work?

It's easy. The whole process is just a few steps:

  1. You meet a person you find attractive, yet do not have any contact details with them​​.
  2. You publish a short message within a selected category and define the approximate location of the meeting. You describe your meeting in such a way so they can recognize themselves.
  3. You wait until your missed connection responds to your message.

If you wonder if you are someone's missed connection just browse the messages from the area you often are staying. Perhaps the person who has been looked for is simply you.

How to add a new message?

It's very easy. Click the button Add a message, describe briefly the circumstances of the meeting and select the category that suits your description the most. Choose whether you want to post your message anonymously, as a Facebook user, or as a YADSE user. If you choose the first option, remember to select your gender. If you publish a message as a YADSE member, your profile (if it is a public will also be visible to signed-in users.

Please be advised, YADSE Spotted is an open site. Therefore, all messages posted by you will be visible also to non-signed-in users.

Can I delete the message posted by me?

Yes, you can. To delete the message you published find it in the list and click the "x". If you can not find your message, check messages filtering criteria (location, category, or gender).

How to change search criteria?

Just click "change search criteria" link and select a location, category, and gender. You don't need to select all of them. You can set only the ones that are important to you. The currently selected parameters are displayed above the messages list. It is not possible to remove location, but you can change it by clicking the link "change your search criteria". Any of the rest can be easily removed by clicking on the "x".

Do I need an account at YADSE or Facebook to use Spotted?

To post a message it is not required to have an account at YADSE or Facebook. However, the messages posted on the site can be commented only by users signed-in to Facebook.

Miscellaneous questions

How to pick profile picture?

Choosing a good profile picture is very important and may affect the popularity of your profile page (Are you interested in profiles of users who haven't uploaded a photo?).

Below you can find some tips on selecting the appropriate photo:

  • Photo should be in good taste. It's not place for exposing nudity.
  • Be natural. Do not take pictures in elaborate clothing or a professional makeup. Thanks to that you will save yourself and others disappointments. People do not want to be cheated.
  • No celebrities (unless you're an actor), pets, cars... Choose a picture of yourself. You're the most important for the users.
  • Background shouldn't be messy and full of unnecessary items. Them only distract attention from you.
  • Make sure your photo is of good quality.