YADSE stands for Yet Another Dating SitE. It is a free, modern dating website where you can post and browse offline date proposals from people around your location, or just browse people's profiles and contact those you find interesting to you.

YADSE website YADSE website YADSE website

Top Reasons to Join YADSE

1. Simplicity

You do not have to answer questions in long, tedious and never-ending surveys. All you have to do is to fill out your profile with some basic information and you can start looking for your soulmate.

You can sign up using Facebook, Google, Twitter, or OpenID and we will never post anything on your walls nor show your linked accounts to anyone on YADSE without your permission! We are very discreet.

2. Profiles, photos and dates are only available to signed-in users

We understand that dating can be an intimate matter and you don't want to tell the whole world that you’re looking for a partner. Your profile and photos won’t be indexed by search engines like Google. Although YADSE is targeted for a signed-in users, there is also a possibility to open a user profile to everybody, including a non-signed-in users, if one is willing to.

3. It's a dating website!

YADSE is not a place where you can browse and comment on hundreds of photos. In fact you can publish only five, so choose them wisely. It's not a site created to help people build friends network neither become a friend of Winnie the Pooh. We, just like you, know better places to do that.

4. Real photos, profiles, and people

We moderate all profiles and photos. We block or remove those suspicious and fake very quickly. Unlike many other dating websites, we don't use any fake profiles/bots/baits on purpose. We abhor such activities.

5. Interesting features

YADSE provides many nice features. You can for instance search profiles by geo location (without showing your exact position to anyone!) or post and browse cool date ideas, and many more! You can even use YADSE Mobile or as a Facebook application. Isn't that cool?

PS And we are now working on more unique stuff, so stay tuned!

6. Secured

The whole website is secured and encrypted with HTTPS (A+ rating), so you don't have to worry when using public Wi-Fi hotspots. (hey, attention all techies, we even use the HSTS mechanism!) YADSE protects your login from brute force attacks with rate limiting. All passwords are one-way encrypted in the database using PBKDF2/SHA-2 with a very high iteration count.

7. It is 100% free. No hidden fees.

Other dating websites usually tell you incredible things about price – they say they are free when, in fact, they are not. Did you ever want to see someone's photo or send a message to your potential partner, but you couldn't because of fees? YADSE is and always will be 100% free without any premium accounts just to do such basic operations.